Monday, 10 September 2012

Saying goodbye

Today was a very difficuilt day. As I mentioned before a friend of mine had her baby girl over the holidays but she unfortuntly passed at only two weeks old. Today we laid her to rest and said our goodbyes.

As sad as it was it was a really beautiful send off. Her big sisters both did a reading at the service which to be honest I was amazed at as both are only young and so brave. The image of her poor daddy carrying such a tiny coffin into the church will stay with me for a while though. There were lots of people there to support them and say goodbye to lacey-mae. We also released balloons, 4 in the shape of flamingos (she was on flamingo ward in hospital) so bet we confused a few people! lol. Hope we gave her some giggles looking down on us :)

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