Wednesday, 5 September 2012

And life returns to normal :)

This morning was Camerons first day back and school. :) He LOVED it, no joke he ran into the school, lol, had to follow him and check he got into class ok as he just sprinted off. Must admit I couldn't believe how much I managed to get done with just the one child at home too, Shopping, cleaning, gutting both kids rooms, also took Caitlin to a new dance class tonight which she really enjoyed. Its smaller than the one she went to before so think it will work better for her.
As great as it is being able to get things done again it was a very eventful 6 weeks holiday, admittedly were as many downs as ups but focusing on the good first we went to theme parks, scavenger hunts, out to dinner and cinema loads and went camping for the first time. The kids loved every moment of that, building fires, roasting marshmallows, nature walks, will be doing it again next year for sure.
On the downs a friend of mine lost her baby at two weeks old, :( We knew she was poorly before she was born but had hoped she would be ok. My granddads cancer was also found to have returned but he had an op this morning and seems to be doing well.
I have managed to do some scrapping but can't show much of it. I did do a couple using up scraps I can share though
This was me and Caitlin at Peppa pig world, tried to use lots of photos and scraps on this one lol.

This is mark and Cameron playing computer games. Whenever Caitlin stays at my mums they have a boys night eating junk and playing games and I get banished upstairs (not that i mind, its very relaxing lol)

We've also ordered the new couch for the living room (thanks to my Dad for getting it for us on credit lol) and got some paint and wallpaper too, once Caitlin starts next week thats what I'll be working on. Probably best I keep busy with both my babies starting school!!!

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  1. two lovely layouts - love how you have laid out the top one in a grid fashion - might just have to pinch that LOL xx


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