Friday, 21 September 2012

Weeks ended on a high :)

Well had some bad luck this week, the cars started acting up, the PC has got a virus and my extra work hours have got MUCH harder. Caitlins also been struggling to adapt to school. She seems fine once shes dropped off but the drop off is full of tears and begging to go home :( Today however seems to have turned a corner :) Caitlin went into her class all on her own with NO tears, Marks mate has managed to find the problem in the pc and is trying to fix it as I type, and work has agreed to move me to another department, yey! We've also finished painting the bathroom and aim to get the kitchen and hallway done this week. Fingers crossed anyway lol. Im loving getting all this done in the house, want it all done by Chritmas which yes is a seriously tall order but I'm confident i can get it done lol. Also have a looooooong list of crafting to get done as everyones putting in their christmas orders now lol. With everything this year with the car breaking down so much, benifits being stopped/reduced and Turkey Christmas is going to be a lean one this year so everyone is getting a little bought gift and lots of homemade ones :) Not managed much crafting this week as been fighting a cold so most night have been under the blanket and cross stitching but intend to get stuck in over the weekend. Feeling good about everything right now :) hope it lasts!

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