Sunday, 16 September 2012

Stash busting!

Well I'm kinda kicking myself lol. The past week or so I've been working non stop on an album for my friend who lost her baby, it was difficult and many tears where shed while doing it but at least felt like I was doing something for her iykwim. Was SO worried she wouldn't like it as scrapbooking is such a personal thing but she loved it. I completely forgot to take any photos though so cant share it at the moment *rolls eyes* Doing it did seem to kick start my mojo though so I did some scrapbooking last night. :)
This is a layout of Cameron and Caitlin at a place called Stanwick Lakes near us, there are loads of pools of water and other water play there but they were NOT interested in any of it, lol, think they paddled but that was about it.

Love these little buttons, seem to be using buttons more and more lately which is good as I have plenty of them. Really have to use up a LOT of my stash as in November we get our new couches and will be losing most of my storage :( At the moment the desk is under the stairs and has a large hutch on it with more stuff stacked on top. However when the couches come the desk is being moved to the other end of the room out in the open, so no hutch and no stacking. TBH NO idea where half my stuff is going to go but i LOVE my new couches so will have to make do lol. In the meantime now my kits have ended I'm trying to use up as much as possible.

Lazy day today :) Well I say lazy still have washing, ironing, cleaning and roast dinner to do but really thats lazy to me lol.


  1. I don't envy you Gemma, that must have been such a difficult album to create. It's difficult enough, like you say, to scrapbook for somebody else at the best of time - glad you got your mojo back though ;)

  2. Well done on the album for your friend xx

    Lovely layout - must admit I am a hoarder of buttons but have been trying to use them a bit more


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