Saturday, 15 September 2012


Dont think I've ever been so excited for it to be a weekend before lol but by god its been a long and draining week. Between the funeral, waving Caitlin off to school and taking on more challenging work at Homestart it feels like its lasted a month rather than just a week! Last night I made a nice dinner, bottle of wine, dvds, just relaxed a bit and feel so much better this morning. Do admit breakfast this morning didnt hurt either lol. Fresh pastries with coffee and homemade jam :) Had lost another 2lb this week but think thats going back on lol. Only 5lb away from my target weight though so tbh not too bothered.

Well on a good note for this week Caitlins still loving school. Had a minor setback Thursday morning bless her, when she goes into school she has to hang up her coat in the hall, then go into her class; well she insisted she didnt want me to go in with her so against my better judgement I let her go in alone. Was watching at the window waiting for her to come into the class, and waited, and waited. Go in to look for her and find her red eyed with another teacher, poor lamb had got lost :( She went into class fine after that but I went in with her Friday lol. She wasn't impressed with the fact Cameron got homework and she didnt though.

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  1. Yes, I was really looking forward to this weekend too! Breakfast looks yummy and well done on the weight loss. Poor Caitlin! :)


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