Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Actual scrapbooking :)

Feels like an age since I did some Scrapbooking, Christmas crafting has well and truely took over! Last night however I really felt like doing some and as I'm up to date with my other bits so thought I may as well :) Though I did feel guilty as could have been making decorations etc. This is the one I finished :)
Have had this photo of Caitlin for ages. She was in our bed as usual, and when told to go back to hers put on her cute face. This is often used to get out of trouble or get something she wants so decided to take a photo to document it. Nice to remember her happy face when shes scowling at me for saying 'No' lol. She had a very happy face going to school this morning :) Its her nativity today and my Mum and Granny managed to get tickets to go see her. They do it a bit funny at their school, every parent gets 2 tickets but you dont get to pick what day/time (me and Mark are going tomorrow) if you want any more you need to wait and see if any come up. After checking daily we were told no there were no more :( Caitlin was gutted bless her. But last night we just got in the door and the phone rang, her teacher had managed to get 2 extra tickets for us :) Yey! So shes all excited to do it this afternoon. She makes me laugh though as when she described her part we all thought she was an angel. She wears a blue dress (with a button at the top, this button is a big deal for some reason in caitlins mind lol) and she has a hat, but the hat has a bit that comes off in a circle above her head. Now we all thought oh shes an angel with a halo. No, Cameron saw it yesterday and told us shes a shepard! Bless her, bit of a demotion, lol. But shes happy because she gets to bring the sheep to baby Jesus :) Last night on our advent it was supposed to be decorating ginger biscuits. Caitlin wasn't feeling 100% though so we swapped it for todays, which was sweets and a movie. I'd taped The muppets Christmas carol the day before so snuggled down with that. Was surprised how much the kids liked it tbh, but had a hard time explaining the whole ghosts with chains thing lol. Love this time of year though, snuggled up warm with a Christmas film and the Christmas lights all on. Best time of year! Tonight we'll do the biscuits if we get time as I've got another social services meeting tonight to sign some contracts. Hopefully won't take too long but you never know with these things. Right better do some housework as off up town soon to put money in the bank and hopefully get a costa :) :)

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