Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gift tags

Had aimed to get gift tags and cards done last night but my back was protesting too much so had an early night instead. Did get the gift tags done though :)
On one of the Sarahs cards retreats we made gift tags with this same design. Misting through the masks and adding some washi tape and a button. To make it more christmasy I did a snowflake instead. :) Not much left on the to do list :) Cards, gift for my gran and mum, snowflake pops and gingerbread playdough to do and I'm done! When I made this list at the start of the month Mark said there was now way I'd get it all done so haha to him lol. He was surprised last night and said he was impressed. Well he should be, I'm impressive :P Seriously though I'm pretty surprised myself. I've enjoyed doing all the crafting which I wouldnt usually do so makes a change. Its also kept costs down as I made a lot of extra gifts and bits which I don't know about you is SO important at the moment. Worked out the bills this morning and have £22 to last the rest of the month :o don't think that will even cover petrol. Will figure it out though, always do :) Its the kids Christmas tree festival this afternoon. Each class decorates a tree to a certain theme, and the grown ups need to guess the theme. There's lots of games to play and cakes and things for sale so the kids are all excited about it, they get to go home early too which I think is a highlight for them!

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