Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Trees all done!

Well the past couple of days have been full of baking, working and making things :) Been quite nice really. Managed to get all 75 of the trees done for the kids classes, Caitlin gave out hers today and was so pleased with herself, even the teachers wanted some so they went down well :)
As well as the trees I've been making these gingerbread stars. First batch was for Caitlins christas party Tuesday, then today for homestart fundraiser, then for tomorrow for schools fundraiser. They turned out quite well :) Got a little production line going too baking then covering then drying etc. Anyone would think I was organised!
Friday is Camerons christmas party. I did orginally say I'd make the stars again but to be honest I'm bored of doing them so made these chocolates instead. I got a silicone ice cube tray from Primark which were in the shapes of Space invaders so I used them to make some chocolates instead. I got the idea from Pintrest where they had used a snowflake mold and put milk chocolate, white chocolate and crushed candy canes on it. Not a big mint fan I used milk chocolate, white chocolate and blue glitter. cameron was very excited when he saw them so feelign like a good mum at the moment! lol.
Today cameron was singing at the shops with his school. I was surprised they did it as it was SO cold! We put 2 pairs of socks on him and an extra jumper and he seemed ok with it so thats good. I however couldnt feel my toes! Was right at the end the teacher told us next week they were doing the same songs in the Church! If I'd known that I'd have just waited until then! *rolls eyes* right well tonights jobs are gift tags and cards for the family. Better get on!

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