Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent day :)

Well today is December first which means 2 things, one, advent calenders!!!!!
Look at those happy faces lol. They have another 2 fabric ones, one is a large Christmas tree with 24 decorations, one to add each day. The other is a simple one with empty pockets, in this I usually put a little sweet but this time I'm putting a fun activity we will do that day :) Todays was putting up the tree :) Other years I've let the kids decorate the big one whatever way they like, however this year I got a load of really pricey, pretty decorations in the sale so wanted to have an 'adult' tree. Not to leave the kids out, I got them their own from Asda :) Caitlin got to put the star on top, a job she took very seriously lol.
Tree was a bit skinnier than on the box but kids were pleased with the result :) Going ot put it at the top of the stairs and they can put their stockings under it on Christmas eve, Caitlins a bit wary about Santa coming into her room while shes sleeping, can kind of see her point lol.
As Caitlin put the topper on the kids tree Cam put the topper on the adult tree. He didn't take it quite as seriously as her.
Well today was odd, on Thursday we had another meeting with social services and for a lot of reasons, most a complete over reaction and due to the fact social worker turnover is very high its been decided that my sisters current partner (also Lillies dad) is a danger to the children. None of us agreed with this decision but it fell on deaf ears unfortunately. As a result he is no longer allowed near the older two until a check has been carried out and only to see Lillie under supervised contact. Ive seen how long it takes to organise those contact centers so quickly volunteered to do it at my house with me. First contact was today. Felt dreadful taking Lillie with me when I went to give her a drink etc so Paul wasn't alone with her but had to do it. Have another meeting tuesday to sign a contract agreeing to all the details etc so hoping to see how long these checks will take and everything then.

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  1. Lots of mixed emotions there Gemma.
    The kids look so happy with their advents, good luck with everything else :)


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