Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas take 2 lol

As I've mentioned before, my Mum gives the kids their gifts a few days after Christmas to spread it out a bit, so last night was Christmas take two :) Put a little spread out and kids absolutly devoured the cheese and crackers! They won't touch cheese sandwhiches but ate all of that! Typically the crisps and ham sandwhiches I put out for the kids were left *rolls eyes* They got some great stuff as usual. Cameron got more Ben 10 stuff including an umbrella which went down well. See how he's still got his watch on lol, need to force him to take it off for bath and bedtime.
Caitlins fave gift was her repunzel outfit. No joke she wore it all day today and acted out pretty much the whole film then made us watch it again tonight! Was so funny watchign her pretned to hit Cameron over the head with a frying pan and trying to tie him to the chair with her hair. Dont the the hair will last long the way Caits using it. Felt bad for her too, at one point she says to cameron 'Flynn climb up my hair!' and before I can stop her he grabs her poytail and gives a good yank! Poor Caitlin was in tears and Cameron was upset thinking he was in trouble. Hard to explain that Repunzels hair is a bit different lol.
Kids today were quite happy playing away so I started to sort out the craft gifts I got for Christmas. Most of it was paper so easily done but my Mum and Gran both bought me huge packs of American crafts twine. I LOVE twine so great gift, however they didn't really fit in the teeny box I used to keep my twine in. Luckily when we were at Asda the other night we decided to look in Matalan. I never go in there really but mum wanted to look around so fair enough. I found these beautiful glass jars which were filled with sweets for only £2! Wasn't too bothered about the sweets but knew the jars would come in handy sometime so I got a few. Spent a happy few hours today winding up all the twine and putting it in a jar, with buttons and tape in another. Looks quite pretty with all the colours :)
Well tomorrow is back to boring jobs. Got to go town to put some money in the bank, then to Next to take some stuff back. Got to do it in stages as I've got about 6 bags stuffed and it would be too embarrasing to do it in one hit!

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