Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sucker for a bargain

My Mum often jokes that Asda is one of my favourite places to go. To be fair shes probably not wrong. I LOVE to shop and Asda has so much stuff as well as food so i can usually egt everything I need under one roof. I always go off my shopping list though, I'm a sucker for a bargain and like to raid the reduced areas to see what i can find. Yesterday however I went a bit over the top, well to be fair I'm blaming a lot of this on Mark!
I have a 'hot deals uk' app on my phone, and while at the dentist (more on that later) I got a message saying that Asda had reduced all of their £2 selection boxes to 50p. Well we had to go shopping anyway (honest) so we went right to the season isle :) We were too late for the selection boxes, apprently they went as soon as they were out, but lots of other stuff was reduced :) Bags of haribo for 25p, bags of chocolate snow bits 25p, giant chocolate Santas 50p. I had planned to just get a few bits for the kids and my neices, but Mark just kept piling it in! In the end we got about £30 worth, though £11 of it was for my Gran to make little extras for all her great grandkids. Looks like the kids and Mark are set for a while :) Also in the shopping trolley is a princess magazine. This was a reward for my brave baby girl :) Don't know if I mentioned before but she had the dentist yesterday to have a filling done. They think because shes sick so often its weakened her teeth so given her Pro-enamel toothpaste to help in the future, but unfortunatly one of her teeth already had a cavity :( I was dreading taking her and shes only just managed to open her mouth as she was too scared before. However I was so impressed :) She cried a bit at the end saying it hurt but she was SO brave :) Obviously wasn't giving her sweets as a reward so bought her a magazine instead. well thanks to the kids sharing their tummy bug I'm curently curled up on the couch watching tv. Supposed to be at work but ugh I feel awful! Typically I was saying last night how pleased I was I was up to date with my jobs list and how on top of things I was, looks like thats going to change! lol


  1. Glad C was good at the dentist, i love a good bargain to but i could eat all that chocolate

  2. I always love a bargain too and end up buying things I don't really need lol. Glad Caitlyn's appointment is over and she got through it ok. Hope you feel better soon :)


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