Monday, 10 December 2012

Busy, busy weekend :)

Think today is like the eye of the storm, lol. This weekend was mad but so much fun :) Friday our advent was to make the gingerbread house. We had got a kit from Aldi which for £5 was a really good deal. look at the cute little people! The kids made a right mess (WHY did I mop the floor just before they did it?! lol) but had a great time. ended up looking pretty good I think :)
saturday was our annual Christmas party. I do one for the kids each year, i admit I wasn't going to this year as couldnt afford it but my Mum and sister helped out by bringing the food so turned out ok. :) Glad I did as the kids had a great time and were all really well behaved. Didnt get many photos as was basically organised chaos but got this one of them all playing sleeping lions. The point of the game for those who don't know is to lie still and quiet, if you move you're out. Thats how you're SUPPOSED to play it. They baiscally lay there giggling and telling each other to shhhhh, lol. Wasn't long before they got bored and started draggign cameron around the floor. Strange children, think that was their favourite game of the day!
Sunday was then the dads group Christmas party :) I love the peole who run the dads group, its the only break I get each week knowing that the kids and mark are in a safe environment and seriously they can't do enough for them. cameron won the 'pin the nose on the snowman' game so he was thrilled about that :) While they were there I managed to get all the ironing done and a fair bit of housework. To be honest its been an amaingly productive weekend. As well as housework and the parties I've managed to get 30 tree decorations done, over 200 flowers for making wreaths and this candle. My Mum asked me to make this for a friend who lost her baby shortly after she was baptised. I wanted to keep it simple and classy looking and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. My Mum made me laugh though. I've mentioned before how picky she is, when i showed her the candle she complained there wasn't enough colour on the front. I said I thought it would look tacky but she insisted so I gave her a few flowers to pick from and added some pink ones to the front. An hour or so into the kids party (I gave it to her at the start) I noticed someone had took the pink flowers off. I stopped the kids and asked who had done it. A very sheepish Mother then put her hand up and said it was her, she thought it looked tacky!!! Ah well at least she realised I was right in the end ;)
Well today is all about baking. I've got to make biscuits for caitlin and Camerons school parties, and cakes for both school and homestart fundraisers. At least I'll be in a warm kitchen :)


  1. Wow! You need to sit down never mind do some more baking :)

  2. Wow sounds like a busy weekend! That gingerbread house is gorgeous! We bought a couple last year from Ikea but I just threw the second one away a couple of months ago. We never made it because it was just too hard and messy lol, that one looks much better though! The candle is beautiful :)

  3. I'm worn out just reading this! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though x


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