Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas is done :)

I love Christmas. the atmosphere, the kids opening their gifts all excited, its great :) However I also love getting back to normal afterwards lol. All the hype and buildup is a LOT so once its done I like packing everything away, finding places for all the new stuff and getting back into routine. Was a great Christmas though, :) Best bit for me was finally telling the kids we were going to disneyland. We'd wrapped up some mouse ears along with some old tickets in a little disneyland bag. Took a moment for it to sink in. Cameron - It's just a bag? Caitlin - I've got a picture of mickey mouse Cameron - I've got a ticket! Me - Yeah where to? Caitlin - Disney on ice? Me - noooooooo Cameron - Disneyland?!?! Everyone we saw that day were told where we were going lol.
Usually mum doesnt give the kids their gifts on Christmas day, its a bit much for them, however Cameron had made such a big deal about asking santa for his Ben 10 watch mum gave it to him on christmas. Was so cute to see him jumping around all excited :)
Some typical family Christmas pictures :)
My gran got both kids all in ones. lol. She didn't like the one she bought caitlin as she didnt realise it was a cow until later. Caitlin however LOVED it! This picture was taken at 1:30 in the afternoon as as soon as we got home from Grans she insisted on putting it on lol.
After Christmas was the sales! I didn't get anywhere near as much as I usually do. I put away a little each month for things we need in the sales and usually have about £800. With one thing or another coming up this year I only had £300. :( Managed to get a few bits though. We went to the Next sale (as usual) but made the choice to go earlier than usual; our usual time has been 5 but its got steadily busier each year. Last year we went at 4:30 and it was honestly the busiest I've ever seen it. This year was even earlier at 3:30 and it was even busier! The queue at 4am was twice it was last year at the same time. I actually had a man try to snatch a jumper out of my hand! Its a shame really as it used to be nice and calm but its just mental now. Managed to get all the clothes for the kids I wanted though but nothing for Camerons room which was a pity. Got beautiful lampshades for our livingroom though :) Were £40 each which I seriously couldnt afford but down to £15 yep Ill have those. They're clear and teal jewlled pendants (I know, so posh!) and make the living room look so much more dynamic :)

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