Sunday, 2 December 2012

Letters to Santa

Day two of our advent calender and today was writing letters to Santa :) First though was dads group. Both kids went this time which was nice as I could watch tv while I peeled all the potatos and apples needed for dinner and apple crumble. kids both had a great time and made some more decorations for the tree. Both are still drying as Caitlin went a bit OTT with the glitter glue. That's my girl lol. Had to get some custard, juice and eggs from asda when I picked them up. OMG its was heaving! There was actually a queue to get into the car park. I always overspend when we go Asda but I was determined not to this time. I had the cash in my pocket so I wouldn't use my card, wasnt even going to LOOK at anything else. Yeah I spent £56 lol. I swear I just can't help myself! Kids wanted sweets, and then there was an offer on boxes of chocolates so stocked up for teachers and extra gifts, then I added up in my head wrong and thought it was £38 in the trolley so added £10 of wine to get it over the £40..... oh it just goes on lol. Anyway, once home we started writing lists. :) Kids all asked for things I've got them except for a model Cameron REALLY wants (will be hunting for that this week!) so that was good. While they were writing the lists I changed Marks name in my phonebook to Santa and sent a txt to my phone saying I'd heard they were writing letters to me and included Santas address. the kids were amazed! So cute!!!!
Still waiting for all this snow we keep getting promised lol. Kids are snuggled up watching Barbie Christmas film so I'm off to warm up with a bath :)

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