Sunday, 23 December 2012

Best way to start the day :)

Sitting in my all-in-one, fresh pan-au-chocolate and Chirstmas films on tv. Best way to start the day. :) Not much planned for today, got a few cards to write and a couple of gifts to wrap but mainly chilling out with the kids and tidying up. Feeling very on top of things which is good for this time of year lol. Well 8pm last night was my slot in the Next online sale :) I LOVE the Next sale. Seriously as soon as the gifts are open on christmas day me and Mum are planning the sale shopping. Sadly this year I can't really afford much at all but as I have a next card I can pay it off bit by bit. Spent about a grand so good job too! To be honest most of that will go back anyway, the problem with the online sale is while it says its in stock when you order it, a lot of it won't be when it gets to the packing stage so you need to order more than you need. For example I've ordered £1.147 worth of stuff (including my Mums buys too) and they only have £554 worth in stock. Probably won't get the rest so so hopefully my favourite buys are in that £554. Will still be queued up at 3am on boxing day though ;) Well as well as spending daft amounts of money I've been scrapping! I've been so busy with Christmas crafting I haven't done any in a while so was nice to sit and relax and craft with no restrictions iykwim. To keep me in the Christmas mood I thought I'd scrap some old Christmas photos, plus I'm going to have so many more in january might as well get rid of some now! This is a picture of the leftovers from last years Christmas dinner. Yes, the leftovers! It was the first year that we had Christmas dinner at home and rather than cook a huge sit down meal I decided to make a little buffet instead. Worked out well as the kids could come and have bits and bobs as they pleased rather than having to sit and eat. However I seriously overestimated how much everyone would eat. Everyone was finished and the oven was still full of food lol. Saved cooking on boxing day though :)
Still amazes me how much I must have made lol. The glass of wine in the corner didn't last long though ;)
I love this photo, :) It's not often me and Cameron get to spend some time just the two of us, so a couple of weeks ago I was quite surprised when he said he didn't want to go to Dads group but wanted to stay with me instead. Unfortunatly I had the shopping to do so thought he'd be bored but he actually said it was 'so interesting and fasinating' bless him! He found these glasses and said he was goign to ask santa for them lol. Isn't he cute :)
I've had this little speech bubbe with the ? in for ages. Thought it fitted quite well here :)
Last one :) This was last year at mcdonalds. We'd be out shopping for gifts all morning, then been to the cinema so were treating the kids with Mcdonalds for dinner. I'd taken So many photos already that day that I'm pretty sure the kids were bored silly and as a result kept hiding behind their balloons when i tried to take another one.
Well kids are finished with their painting and I promised to make a snowglobe with them so better get on!

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