Thursday, 6 December 2012


Today so far has been a busy but nice day :) Mar finially got in contact with his family yesterday (don't get me started on that) and found he had to deliver the gifts before Saturday. Well I'm out with my mum tomorrow so had to be today. Unfortunatly we had no wrapping paper in the house so had to drop kids off at school and go get some. Decided to go to the range as I needed some small wooden pegs and gold and silver brads, did they have any? NO! Pegs decorated with everything under the sun but no plain, and no brads at all! Ugh, tried everywhere I could think but no luck so off to colemans in Kettering tomorrow. Did get the wrapping paper and the gifts delivered though :) Today on the advent was visiting Santa. He was due on our town center from 5 and as the kids swimming lessons finished there just before that it was ideal. We took them to the town square to see the reindeer which caitlin LOVED before the man himself came out. :) Caitlin had no intrest, staying by the sleigh the whole time.
cameron was quite happy to go talk to him however. Apparently on Christmas day santa says they can make as much mess and noise as they like. Thanks for that Santa!

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