Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ghostly visitors

While I think all Mums say this, there is definetly something special about Cameron. Since he was a toddler he's always talked abotu when he was here before.They didn't have ds or cars then apprently. We're open minded about what happens after you die so didn't too think much of it really. Then odd things started happening at home, I took some pictures of cameron in his room and there were white dots all over it, then the other night just after I put Cam to bed he was laughing: Me - What are you laughing at Cam? Cameron - The man in my room told me a joke! Me - What man?! Cameron - The man from my dream. Ok so that was pretty weird, but Cameron has a pretty active imagination so let it go. Then last night Cameron woke up sobbing. I gave him a cuddle and asked what was wrong, 'When I'm a ghost I won't be able to talk to anyone from this life, only people from the next life.' was the reply. Seriously?! Where on earth did that come from?! I calmed him down and told him he wasn't ever going to be a ghost, when he died in a long, long, long time he could choose to go to heaven and have lots of fun there, but I'm beginning to rethink that this is Cameron makign up stories :s Onto less scary topics (well, less ghostly anyway, the fact Christmas is 9 days away is terrifying!) we went to the Honestart Christmas party today. as usual it was great :) You could make cards, decorate biscuits, make reindeer food, and get your face painted :) Caitlin picked being an angel.
Barely saw Cameron, he was off either dancing or playing on stilts lol. He did return when santa came out though. My older two neices were there too so i managed to get my middle one Evie in a picture with santa as well. Mollie was off making things, takes very much after me with her love of crafting bless her :)
Taped some cheesy Christmas films this weekend so plannign to chill out tonight and make some cards :) Only 3 more days left before kids break up from school and fom then on NOTHING will get done lol.

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  1. Oooh, spooky goings on - I know people like that and they have just learned to live with it!!


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