Saturday, 15 December 2012

Judgemental me

Now if I'm honest I'm not really a judgemental person, more a live and let live type. I have friends for example who think if you don't breastfeed your child or use cloth nappies social services should be called, while as long as you're actually feeding your child I could really care less lol. However I admit I LOVE those tv shows with nutters on it. Jeremy Kyle, bridezillas, pregnant in heels, anything I can watch and feel superior I love :) It's a small pool of people I get to feel better than so got to get it where I can! I'm waiting for the day that we end up on JK with my sister. I made bunting for my neices with their names on for christmas, my Mum joked I should do a set for my sisters bedroom with my sisters name, then give her a blank set of flags with a set of letters and a note saying 'insert current partners name here'. Love my Mum sometimes lol. Well feel free to judge away at this. I am seriously bad at making cards but wanted to do some this year so stuck to a simple design.
Ok no way as good as most out there but its cute so I'm happy with it :) Watching 'mirror, mirror' tonight with hubby, not heard much about it but hopefully worth watching!

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  1. Awww that is one cute snowman!! I love it!

    And hey I might be on JK before you with my middle sister. Actually I don't know how you can watch them, I want to drag them to nearest dentist and teach them how to speak properly and I would love to have a huge bonfire with those awful velour jogging suits they all insist on wearing!!! It is better for my sanity if I don't watch.

    Karen x


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