Monday, 1 October 2012

Everyones home :)

Well this morning was a bit of a rush lol, sleep was difficuilt to come by over the weekend, friday night I struggled to sleep as with Cameron and Mark gone the house just felt too quiet, Caitlin shared my bed and snores like a hippo, plus someone thought 3am was a great time to set off a load of fireworks! Saturday night I put kids to sleep in their beds, couldnt get to sleep myself to moved them in with me :) Ok not really the best thing to do but they were fine and I slept a bit better.......untill a car alarm in the next street kept going off. This went on for about an hour, Cam woke up bless him and half asleep asked 'What do we do now Mummy the smoke alarm is going off!' the police eventually showed up then a screaming match broke out. So last night everyone was home, no fireworks, no alarms, and everyone must have needed it because we all slept in! School starts at 9, 8:30 we woke up, lol. Amazed we got to school on time. Love this picture I took of them in my bed. how peaceful do they look :)
Mark had a good weekend away, took it out of him though so hes still in bed at nearly 1pm lol. Think though his mates do slow down for him and take his illness into account they're still young lads iykwim. Sweetheart that he is he brought back some sweets for me from an american import store. I love trying new sweets from other countries lol, my mum brought me a huge bag from Australia when she went and can still remember the 'mint flake' honest to god tasted exactly like colgate toothpaste! let the kids in my class at the time try it and they all hated it lol. One way to put them off chocolate. :) So had a nice night last night watching dr who again (and crying again) and trying the sweets. This is my review: Twinkies - Nice, tastes like syrup spongecake with cream. leaves a strange film in your mouth though :S Baby ruth - Liked this too, similar to a snickers bar but the nougat is more of a fudge consistency. Jolt cola - had this this morning and OMG this was YUM! I didnt think the caffine had had any effect at first but then realised Id painted the hall, put washing out, tidied both rooms, scrubbed the kitchen and put dinner in the slow cooker and only 2 hours had passed! Milk duds - more yum, basically toffee poppets with less choc and more toffee. Jolly ranchers - hard boiled sweets which we used to get in the uk but dont for some reason now. Nice but nothing special. Twizzlers - UGH!!! nobody in the family would eat them, rubbery with very little taste. Ended up in the bin lol. Koolaid not had yet but will try later lol
More painting being done today, lol. Need to finish the woodwork in the hall as ran out of gloss last time, then the kids are desperate to help with painting again so going to very throughly cover the carpet upstairs with towels and old sheets and let them paint the hallway lol.

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  1. I'm glad you finally got one good nights sleep over the weekend, I hate having broken sleep due to other people. The picture is so cute and thanks for the sweet review :)x


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