Wednesday, 4 May 2016

April round up

A little late this month as been so busy, but here is Aprils round up for me to keep track of this year. :)

Pounds lost - 5, so lost the 4 I gained last month and an extra lol

Games completed - 0 started a new game, woops

Layouts done - 18 go me.

Projects finished - Painted 4 minecraft pots, 4 mario blocks and various party bits.

Cross stitch done - A small amount on the bus to Disney on ice. Better than last month anyway.
From this
To this.
Slowly getting there lol.

Books read:
I'm not going to bother reviewing these anymore, I can't see me caring what I thought of a book in 10 years time and I'm pretty much the only one who read this blog so there you go ;)
- Crazy Love You - Lisa Unger
- Little girl gone - Alexandra Burt
- Midnight sons, volume one - Debbie Macomber

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