Monday, 30 May 2016

Happy little moments

Well its been a lovely Bank holiday Monday here. Started off with a trip to the cinema. We get free tickets to the kids showings with The Sun so if we take a few munchies from home its a cheap morning out. I usually take Mollie too so gives my Mum and Dad a bit of a break.
So Kung fu panda 3 finished we were driving home when Mum rung us about a dog show and fun day on at East carlton park. Quick run home to grab Scamp and we were off again!
Kids loved seeing all the dogs and various stalls, was all going great at the park too until Cameron fell off a swing and belted his head :(
Once I knew he was ok I decided to take him away from the obviously very dangerous park and took him for a walk in he woods. The girls were happy so they stayed in the park with Mark and my Dad.
Walking along we saw this baby bunny sitting right at the edge of the path. Seriously was only about 2 feet from us.
Got to love the dogs though, their hunting instinct must be completly gone as neither one of them even noticed lol.
Traditional photo in the tunnel thing. Got to love Cam, he always looks like hes cringing in photos.
So after a fun day out we're chilling out tonight. I made took some homemade meatballs and sauce out of the freezer this morning so nice easy dinner. Hopefully get some more scrapping done tonight too. :)
Think it was all a bit much for Cam though.

Talking to my half asleep son
Me - cam where's my ds game?
Cam - it's in my mouth
Me - no honey it's really not.

Hehe. Early night for someone I think!
This layout was done for a challenge to not use patterned paper. I had lots of pretty strips of washi so used those, mists and texture paste to make the background.
This photo has journaling on the back telling the story about how just after this photo was taken I somehow managed to slip and fall off the wall. Kids found it VERY funny!

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