Monday, 9 May 2016

What a weekend :)

Well I've had an amazing few days :) Friday was the start of International scrapbooking day. YEY! It's technically on the saturday but a lot of places start the challenges etc earlier. I'd managed to get everything sorted for Caitlins party (or so I thought) so I started scrapping in the afternoon.
Until the kids came home anyway, the sun was shining and it was beautiful outside so we all went round the front so Gemma (neighbour) and I could chill out with a drink and the kids could play.
Was very relaxing until I got up for a moment and Caitlin stole my seat :P Nobody could say she's not my daughter!
Saturday morning I was up early going to the supermarket to buy doughnuts which I forgot and were apprently vital, and tea bags to keep hubby sane. Managed to pick up a couple of goodies for me too ;) Kids retreated to their rooms when we got back and Mark was still in bed so I started watching the Inky Quill scrap stream. I even got a mention and squealed like a loony lol. Got a very strange look from Caitlin!
After much scrapping (8 layouts!) it was time for Caitlins party. It went amazingly! The girls all had a great time and it was a serious bargain.
Included in the price of the party was a £10 gift card for each of the girls. As there was a 'buy 3 items get 3 free' offer on at the time Caitlin put this in with her buys :) Little thank you gift for me lol.
Then we got home and found out it was broken. Ahhhh!!!!
But anyway, the sleepover went really well. The girls spent most of the time outside playing 'Britains got talent' so it was actually really easy.
Not that I'm rushing to do it again in a hurry! ;)
Sunday I was supposed to be having a scrapbooking day to catch up on the challenges I'd missed. It was so hot outside though it felt like a waste to just sit in so I decided to go back over to Kettering and exchange my cup for a new one.
Ended up changing the cup, buying ice cream and pizza and picking up mcdonalds for everyone on the way home. I shoudn't be allowed out sometimes.....
So that all the birthdays done again for another year. Well, Marks is at the end of the month but I've already bought his gift and all he wants to do is watch the new Star wars film so aside from having to make the kids sit through that theres not much I need to do lol. In between everything I managed 13 layouts and another 4 today so its been a very productive few days! Come back tomorrow and I'll start to share the challenges I've done so far> :)

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