Monday, 2 May 2016

Sunshine, happiness, charm

Today was dull, and draaagggggggeeeeeddddd. Caitlin went out with her friend and her parents this morning so Mark and I played some computer games with cam. We had planned to go to a nearby park for the day but the weather was dreadful so that idea was shot in the foot.
Typically now its 6:30 and kids are getting baths etc before school tomorrow the sun is out and its lovely out there!!
Anyway after getting my butt handed to me on Mario Kart Cameron settled down on the couch Ipad in hand and bowl of cookies at his side. I think the past few days started to catch up on him as he's not moved much all day lol.
So I've been cleaning, sorting a few bits for Caitlins Birthday tomorrow and thats about it! Actually lay on the bed this afternoon watching tv because I couldn't think of anything else to do!
Managed a couple of layouts over the past few days but weather has been too poor for photos. This however is one of my faves that I did with the old kit.
I loved all the papers so this was a good way of showing them all. I'm loving the grid look at the moment.
This photo is of Caitlin when she had just had her ears pierced. We waited until she was old enough to decide to have them done herself, typically though she always asked to get them done just before she was going back to school, or halfway through a term. That Summer though she asked just before the Summer holidays so the first day off we took her and got them done. I had done a LOT of research into where best to get it done and decided on a local tattoo parlor with great reviews and used the old fashioned needle method rather than a 'gun' Glad I did as heard so many horror stories when Cait went back where kids had gone to other places and had got infections, or even passed out when they had it done!
Glad Cameron has no intention of getting his done lol.

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