Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wish list 2012

During the NSD I pulled out an old Like for ever kit. It was the Christmas one and though I have Christmas papers and embellishments coming coming out of my ears it was so pretty I couldn't resist buying a ton of add ons for it. Of course Christmas was too busy for me to actually use it so its just sat there untouched since then.
When I read one of the challenges was to use a lot of journaling, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Each year I write down what the kids have asked for, what they got, how hard it was to get etc. I think its fun to look back and see what the 'must have' toys were that year, or if theres a funny story behind any of them.
This year it was a Four arms Ben ten figure Cam wanted, along with half the kids in the UK. We searched toy shops, online, car boot sales, finally found it in Toys R us with about a week left until the big day :)
No idea where it is now, think it got sold at a car boot sale last summer lol.
So got to love the stuff my daughter comes out with. This was a gem she blurted out on Saturday night.

Caitlin - I love pole dancing!
Me - Caitlin what's pole dancing?
Caitlin - it's like at the circus where the guy climbs the pole and spins and does tricks.
Me - ah ok *breathes again*

Kid is going to make me grey.

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