Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Baby girl

Today my baby girl turned 8. 8! Breaks my heart how quick its going but I think I've shoved as much into their childhoods so far as I could.
Her party with her friends is on Saturday but we had family round tonight for gifts and cake.
One of our gifts for her was this Pug suitcase lol. She saw it in Asda and went on about it for days so I popped back and got it for her.
The pug theme continued, with pug slippers, pug cushion and of course, a pug cake :)
Very happy little girl :) My Gran got her a game shes wanted for a while so this was her for a while, surrounded by pug goodies and of course the real deal wandering about her.
It was a lovely day. After everyone went home the kids were still really hyper so we took a walk to the park with Scamp, then picked up some sweets on the way home. Planning a night of chilling out and scrapping before the last minute party planning starts tomorrow!

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