Friday, 27 May 2016

Stocking up

It is so cold here!! What happened to Summer? Has that been and gone? Really hope the weather improves for the half term this week so we can get out and about, and for poor Caitlin who is off on her first Brownies Camping trip next weekend!
Mummy will need lots of wine!
Could do with a wine now to be honest. Last night wasn't fun. To start the day we had a poorly Caitlin at home. The night before she was suddenly hit with a cold from nowhere. Poor kid was sneezing, coughing, nose was streaming etc and had a temp so she spent the day curled up in bed.
She makes me laugh as she is SUCH a hypocondrac. We're used to 'I feel sick, my leg hurts, my head hurts, my ear hurts' etc etc. Usually around bedtime or when I've told her we need to go shopping. Funny that.
When she is actually sick however she doesn't complain at all. When she's quiet, you know she's ill. One day she might figure this out and use it to her advantage but at the moment she's not that sneaky ;)
Anyway, as she was home sick I had to leave her and Mark and home to do the school run which I don't like doing in case something happens when I'm out. So I was already a bit anxious when Cameron came out of school and handed me a letter. I scanned it and saw it was a head bump letter. He gets lots of these as he's a clumsy kid so I didn't read it too closely, asked if he was ok and scanned him for bruises/bumps etc, found none so started walking home. I was half listening to him while planning dinner etc and I suddenly heard the phrase 'so he slapped me in the face' HE WHAT!? Camerons face when I spun round was a picture. Turns out Cameron was 'out' in rounders so another kid in his team slapped him across the face for losing.
Kinda woke my Mummy bear a bit. I handed Cam my coat, told him to go and stand with Nanny who was waiting for Mollie and stormed into the school. Cams teacher wasn't there but had a word with another who assured me it was being dealt with.
Later that night however Cam came downstairs and just sobbed. He has meltdowns about random things which I've mentioned before but this wasn't one of them. He just lay in my arms like he used to when he was little and just sobbed. Broke my heart. So back into school this morning to tell his teacher (who I love) and she was really upset to hear how distressed he'd been and said she'd have a word with him today. So glad it's half term and he can just chill with the family for the week.
So kids at school we had to take Scamp to the vet for his kennel cough, hate it but needs to be done!
So home and sitting down with a coffee before I start the housework. Think tomorrow I'll be locking the door and keeping the world away.
So sad stuff done with, here's a layout of Cameron at his happiest. Eating!
When we were at Spain a few years ago Mum, Mark and I wanted to go to the market but obviously the kids didn't. We found out the kids club were doing a princess party so my Dad agreed to stay with the girls and do that, while we took Cameron to the market with a bribe of a gift and extra computer time, hehe.
I used mainly the branding strips from the Live out loud like forever kit. The journaling reads:
Breakfast before a day shopping with Mummy and Nanny.
Though looking at it you would think it was his last meal!

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