Saturday, 28 May 2016

Seeing London

Im exhausted! Been a busy day here cleaning out the garage, weeding the front path, playing with the kids and running errands. 8pm and I'm ready for my bed!
Been fun though, the weather was lovely so made the most of it and kids played in the front garden while I weeded. We live in a lovely area in a little cul-de-sac but I still feel better when they're out there with me.
Annoyingly while it was a lovely day and the kids had a great time playing and crafting, I forgot to take a single photo! Hate when that happens.
I know you don't need photos of everything but I like to capture the moment. :) This is a perfect example. Last year we took a day trip into London and went on an open top bus tour.
The kids loved it at first, seeing the London eye, Big ben, Buckingham palace etc. As we got into the older part of London however they lost interest and the computers came out. I found it very funny to see that Caitlin was playing a driving game where you had to drive around London....while we drove around London.
Whatever makes them happy!

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