Sunday, 22 May 2016

Little miss and Miss marie

Its Sunday?! Where did Friday and Saturday go?! Very much a blink and you miss it weekend.
Friday we finally got Caitlins passport sent off, 3rd times a charm on that one. Huge weight off my mind that that's done.
Saturday was my Dads birthday so we took his gift over. Caitlin decided she wanted to go to a car boot sale with them so I spent the morning playing computer games with Cam. Was really nice to spend some time with just him and I even won a few games!
When Cait came home they both went to her room to play so I did some cleaning then decided to have a bit of quiet time crafting and watching TV.
No sooner had I sat down that both kids came in and asked to sit with me. My tv was quickly turned off and Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory put on. Though to be honest that film is WEIRD! Caitlin loved it though, she didn't think Cameron was paying enough attention to her however so this was the result.
Today we woke up to beautiful weather. Need to make the most of it in the good old UK so we went to our fave park for a walk and a play. Every time we go the kids climb in this thing and every time I take a picture. :)
So crafting never really happened. Which is annoying as my new Like for ever kit came and its LOVELY! I've still got an old kit sitting on my desk though which just seems to be never ending so going to do my best to use that one up before I cut into the new one.
This is from last months 'live out loud' kit. I struggled with this one as I always find it harder when we dont get a pack of emphemara (sp) and we didnt with this. I like lots of bits and pieces to use and find it harder to put together layouts when I don't.
This one however I really like. I don't really 'do' halloween but we went to Disneyland at Halloween last year so I'm enjoying scrapping with the halloweeny colours, but not the embellishments if you know what I mean.
This is an example, black and orange go great with this photo but theres not a spider/bat/witch in sight. Just how I like it :)
The girls and me loved meeting Marie. We'd not met her on previous trips and I always say that Caitlin reminds me of her so I really wanted to get a photo of them together. She was very cheeky! She stole Caitlins sweets and then stole my crown and put it on. She was super soft though and very good to cuddle.
I may have been more excited than the girls. :P

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