Thursday, 19 May 2016

I love to plan

Ohhhh I'm SO sick of forms! I've spent most of the day filling out paper work and questionnaires, and Caitlins passport form for the 3rd time. I'm telling you if it's wrong this time I'm just staying home with her lol.
Then the school rung, poor Caits eye had swollen up and was really red and upsetting her. I picked her up and the teacher suggested a tea bag. Not the most glamourous look ever I have to say lol.
Silly look aside it worked a treat! She came home at lunchtime and by pickup time her eye was back to normal, though stained a bit from the tea bag hehe.
So I had planned to finish a layout I started last week but that is still sitting there. Think my mojo is on a bit of a break after my huge scrapping session last week.
This one was for a bit of a different challenge, incorporate another hobby into your layout. Aside from scrapping I don't really have many hobbies. I read, and rarely cross stitch but I didn't have the motivation to stitch on my layout.
So I decided to incorporate something I love as a hobby. I LOVE to plan.
Ok it sounds weird but I do. Having an aim, something to research, plan, shop for, makes me feel like I have a goal and something to look forward to. Come September this is Christmas, aside from the big day the highlight of the season to me is the Christmas party I throw each year.
It started as a spur of the moment party when the kids were toddlers. Each year its got bigger and more involved and I love it. The kids always look forward to it and ask questions about what we're doing, what theme etc. Each year the kids make something they can keep. Year one was a stocking, year two decorations for the tree. In this layout it was year three and the kids made their own placemats to put Santas milk and cookie plate on, they made the plate the next year too :) Got to love Pinterest!

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  1. I've never heard that about a tea bag, will have to remember that one. Glad she's ok. A great page and idea.


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