Wednesday, 25 May 2016

As cute as a bug on a rug

I swear time is on fast forward. I have no idea how we're suddenly on Wednesday! Monday was just a blur, then yesterday Mark was off to Birmingham with my Dad for his (Marks) check up (all was fine) and I had a meeting at Camerons school.
Think I've mentioned on here before that Cameron has these meltdowns. All will be fine but I can see him getting more and more twitchy through the day then something daft will happen and he will just breakdown and sob for a good 30-45 minutes. Last time it was his roll broke in half when he was trying to butter it.
Sometimes I can predict when hes about to break and I can tell him to go chill out in his room, or make sure he doesn't have to make any choices however how small so he doesn't get pushed over the edge. Obviously though I can't do this all the time as its usually the most random thing that does it. It's also worse if he's had a busy day. if we go to kids play or the swimmming baths ect I know he'll need a few hours peace in the afternoon to wind down.
As he's getting older this is really something we need to try and stop rather than just prevent. Thing is I don't know if it's just Cameron needing to, for lack of a better phrase, man up and deal with things better, or if there's something deeper going on he can't control. To try and find out we saw a Dr a while back who has now referred him to the ASD/ADHD team and wrote to the school to ask them to try and help us. Hense the meeting.
I was nervous as hell going in. I've been to lots of meetings like this, I've just been on the other side of the table and I didn't want them to think I was one of those Mums who labels her kid rather than dealing with an issue.
It went well though. The staff were really nice and agreed that Cameron loves school and is doing really well, but could do with a little extra help with anxiety and dealing with stress. After half term they are starting him in 'Theraplay' classes where he can meet with a teacher to chat, draw, anything he wants to to try and figure out his feelings. Cameron seems happy with the idea so good all round. :) Yey!

Over NSD I got into a routine of killing a new kit/kit I loved, then moving onto an old kit/kit I wasn't sure of. This was certainly one of the latter. So much so that my friend Jess and I renamed it The Ugly kit.
It was originally a really old Sarahs cards kit. I think it was from 2012! I obviously didn't think too much of it at the time either as it hadn't been touched.
The papers were very dated looking, so I pulled out the photos from Ripleys Believe it or not in London as all of the wall paper etc in there was very old fashioned looking. I set to work and this was my first layout.
I used the space at the side to write about the day, not just the photo, I'm trying to put more into my journaling so will see how that goes.
Managed to get 4 layouts out of this kit, usually get a minimum of 9 so shows I didn't try and stretch it out at all!

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  1. I think your paper choices flatter that picture immensely, and kudos on the longer journaling. Also glad to hear that you and Cameron are working through his difficulties and getting helpful assistance. Hugs to you both.


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