Sunday, 29 May 2016

Stay wild

Happy Birthday Mark!!! Hubby turns 39 today :) We had planned to go for a picnic but considering the weather is cold and grey and he didn't get out of his bed until 11:45 maybe not lol. Oh well, will stay home, bake cookies and play games I think.
Mark did pick one thing though, a munchies and movie night where we watch his new birthday gift, the new Star Wars movie :) Mark and I have seen it obviously but this will be the first time the kids have seen any of the Star Wars films so I was interested to see how it would go down.
Amazingly they both really loved it! Cam cried a little at one point (I wont post any spoilers just in case) but the fact they both sat through it amazed me!
Why they decided to sit and watch it with their dinners in their boxes, I've no idea. :\
So today I've FINALLY managed to kill my Twenty sixteen kit! I added a few 12x12 sheets to it when I first got it and that seemed to make it last for ever!!!! 18 layouts down, its dead and gone :) I can start the new one tomorrow, yey!
This layout is a bit of a mix of kits but mainly one from last summer I cant remember the name of lol.
I love this photo, I took it when we went for a picnic last year. I loved Scamp jumping in so I added the dog embellishment to bring attention to this.
So tomorrow I have tickets for the cinema so hopefully some scrapping time afterwards while the kids probably play in their boxes. Kids were so funny, were playing in them today when Caitlin started singing:
Caitlin - I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! But I can't really because there's a roof in the way and I'd hit my head!
Strange child!

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice day. I always used to wonder why we bought presents when the kids were small. They're just as happy with a box!


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