Friday, 2 April 2010


not much to do today. :( weathers rubbish so nowhere to take the kids, did crafting with them yesterday and they seem to have NO intrest in baking so might just leave them to their own devises today. Poor hubby is currently asleep on the couch as late night last night and bless him he let me lie in while he got up with the kids. :) We got one of those indian meals from asda a while back and had thqat for dinner last night, was very impressed! Doubt I'll get a takeaway again, will just get a couple of those and stick it in the freezer. Got to start thinking like that to save for our new car lol.
Watched parnormal activity, do admit I found it very scary. Wasnt too impressed with the ending but it was very jumpy throughout the film. There were lots of times I was clutching Marks hand hissing 'why dont they just get out of the house!!!' lol. Nearly hit the celing at one point when Caitlin decided to let out a wail from upstairs at a very tense moment.
Invention of lying was good too. :) Wasnt expecting much form the reviews it got but there were some very funny moments. Don't think I'd have been too impressed if I'd paid to see it at the cinima but renting it was fine. Ok thats my Johnathan Ross moment over, watching state of play tonight so will be a review of that tomorrow I'm sure. lol.

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