Sunday, 18 April 2010

Car boot bargains!

Well this morning was the weekly car boot. I admit not been in a while as car has been broken (REALLY missed it, lol) Its in the same place as we went to yesterday for the picnic and the kids love it as usually when we go to the park its £6 something to park the car there, so we park miles away and trek it. However on car boot days its only £1, so we can take their scooters and things with us too. :) anyway on to the important part. The bargains! Was thrilled this week as pretty much every stall had Thomas on. I admit I hate paying the daft prices for kids toys and jigsaws these days so never buy new unless its their birthday or something. Particually with Cameron as he goes through phases of playing with nothing but a certain toy for a few weeks, then goes onto something else and the original toy is never touched again. At the moment its Thomas jigsaws. And look at this lot we got today!
All this, plus a buggy Caitlins currently playing with and another jigsaw Camerons currently doing, came to just under £20. Bargain!

When we go to Butlins next week we've splashed out on Gold accomodation, which includes a dvd player. Now as much as I love Butlins I find it a bit daft that breakfast is at 8, then nothing opens untill 10. Actually I know exactly why they do it, its so parents such as myself have to take their child to the only thing that IS open, the arcade, and spend a small fortune keeping them enetertained untill everything else is ready. Well HA! This year we're just going to take the kids back to the room and let them chill with a dvd. Which is a huge treat in itself as tv is banned in our house till after lunch. Think this lot we got today will keep them going for a bit. lol

Ah the jigsaws. cameron LOVES jigsaws. it started at christmas when my mum bought him one and he did it a few times. Then Mark bought him a huge one and he just became obsessed. Thing is we have to keep buying him harder ones as he becomes bored easily. My mum bought him a jigsaw book 3 days ago, yesterday I found him doing the jigsaw back to front as 'picture side is too easy' These are some easier ones but he lets Caitlin help with the giant ones so nice to have some for them to play with together. We also found a big Barney teddy. He doesnt do anything but Caitlin loves him anyway. :)
The books, bag, and games. :) Ok so the books at the end are for me, lol, but we got a huge pile of thomas books from one lady who was really nice and game me the backpack for free. Cameron spotted this memory game under a huge pile of clothes (I swear he has a Thomas radar or something) and Mark found the little bat and balls for the beach. We even found some Barney books for 5p each! Was really pleased as its hard to find Barney items now and Caitlins face always lights up whenever we find anything.
Well thats the day so far. Came home and did some tidying. Tryign to make sure house is spotless for when we go away. Well I can try I suppose!


  1. Wow - what great bargains - i've got a little Thomas Fan here myself and I do the same thing as you - Toy's are so expensive, plus mummy loves a good nose around at a carboot sale :)
    Enjoy the sunshine - Ju xx

  2. Wow fab bargains Hope he enjoys his new toys

  3. Don't ya just love a bargain. I have a Cameron - my 11 year old grandson who LOVED Thomas when he was your Cameron's age. What a lovely lot of stash you bought for not a lot of money. I LOVE boot fairs but haven't been to one for quite some time. Must check out the papers. TFS. ~Glen~

  4. aha wicky park by any chance :) was gonna do a car booty there yest, going next week now :) love all your goodies


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