Monday, 5 April 2010

Nice day :)

Evening all. :) Hope everyones had a great bank holiday. Had quite a nice day here all things considered. :) Went to a local car boot sale this morning. was RUBBISH! About 5 stalls there, lol. But the kids played on a big wooden train that was there so they had fun, and we got a dolls cot/swing/playmat for caitlin which she adores, so worth going. As we only stayed for about 15 minutes we decided to go to my mums for breakfast so picked up some rolls and bacon and headed there. Stayed for a bit, then came home and read magazines while the kids played. All in all a good day! lol.
One thing I have been doing today is lookign at other blogs. There are some amazing ones out there! Put my little one to shame, not that thats hard. lol. One I found was which has the most amazing flowers on it! Remind me of prima but smaller, and cheaper. lol. Right daughter is demadnign barney on the tv. managed to do some scrapping yesterday and hoping to do more tonight. Trying to make a dent in my huge pile of papers!

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