Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Afternoon everyone. :) Hope everyones having a good easter. I've been in productive mode today, baking up a storm (had to send poor hubby round the shops for more butter, lol) and cleaning the floors. Now planning to relax and scrap, children allowing, lol.

As I mentioned on a previous post I recived a cake decorating book the other day. Well I decided to give one of them a go yesterday and made a chocolate cake with chocolate roses. After using paper for so long it was a lot easier than I expected and this is the result. :)

I admit I'm quite pleased with it. :) My buttercream icing leaves a lot to be desired but good for a first attempt.

Wasn't much to do today as the weather was dreadful. :) Normally I'm not happy about that but as we don't have the car again I was gutted we would miss out, but if it's raining we're not missing anything. lol. Hoping for nice weather tomorrow as theres a big easter thing near our house. Anyway for today I decided to do some baking with the kids as well as doing some more myself. :) Used a fairy cake kit which I don't really like but came with sugarpaper pictures of barney. Which pleased my dd no end. :) They had a great time helping me mix it up, then icing it and stickign the pictures on. This is the finished result.

This is the kids busy at work. :)

As for grown up baking I decided to make some double chocolate chip cookies and jam tarts. Marks been snacking lots latly and since hes ment to be gaining weight thought this might help. Lol. Right, kids all fed and torturing hubby. going to take some me time I think. :) Hope everyones havign a great day.

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