Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hard work never killed anyone. Flipping hurts though!

Still no car. :( Starting to get used to it now though. Does mean everything takes 5 times as long but my waistline is liking all the walkign though. :) Speaking of which I've started doing weights at night so between that, walking and the usual housework/kiddies don't have a spare moment these days! Strange thing is I'm much happier for it. :) Getting up in the morning and makign a to-do list is helping as I'm much more focused and get more done. All in all its all good here. :)
Hopefully have something more interesting to blog tomorrow. lol


  1. Hun, I've been following your blog a little while now, i cant imagine being without a car - [although it most certainly wouldnt hurt my waitline;)] but well done for making the most of the situation and I totally agree writing a list of things that you need to complete in a day really does help - what with my pregnancy brain and moving house in 2 weeks I wouldnt even remember to get dressed in the morning without my list.
    Take Care - Ju x

  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking part in my giveaway. Good luck.
    Your chocolate cake looks amazing!!

  3. a girl after my own heart :) ... I'm a total list girly LOL> I must admit, at a few months ago I decided to do more walking, and yes this little bout of chicken pox has put paid to that, but I really did feel better for it. I even got myself one of those bright trollies for food shopping LOL.

  4. hi honey, thanks for the link in your sidebar :) i didnt know you had a blog, you kept that quiet, i can stalk you more now lol
    see you on sunday :)

  5. ps i am a huge list person, i generally sit down at night and figure out what HAS to be done the next day and what id LIKE to do the next day, works most of the time, apart from today cause riley has decided to be sick :( xx


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