Sunday, 11 April 2010

Crop day!

I warn everyone before I start this will be a loooong post. lol. So here we go!
Well first I thought I'd thank everyone on here and uks sending my dd caitlin get well wishes. :) She had a dreadful temp thursday and friday night caused by a throat and ear infection. Thankfully she seems fine now :) Infact she's currently upstairs banging about despite me telling her 4 times to come down! lol. Shes a stubborn little thing. No idea where she gets it from ;-p This was her while she was poorly and I asked her to smile. lol.

Well yesterday the sun was shining and mum had the kids so me and Mark set to work on the garden. :) Must say it's much better now. cut the grass and moved some bits about (its a TINY garden so didnt take long) Got rid of our woodburner which was hard as I loved it but its 4 years old now and not at its best. :( Going to try and get a firepit one instead. :) Kids are loving the new garden. Particually my swing chair. lol
A few girls have been photographing their scrap rooms before and after a big clearout. I'm not lucky enough to have a room but this is my desk before a clearout. :) Clearout is tonight/tomorrow so watch this space for the after picture. lol.
Final thing to tell you all about was my crop today. :) Its run each month (blog ) and is brill. Theres cakes, tea and scrapping. What more could a girl want. lol. This is what i did this month:

Lo of my son and his cousin Mollie at the fair last year.

Lo of Cameron and Mark reading a book at a playcenter. I love these photos as they're both having such a good time they didn't actually notice me taking the photos.

Lo of Caitlin on a bouncy castle. Hidden journaling reads 'One day we went for a picnic at east carlton park. There was a big safety event on with a huge bouncy castle. However it was so quiet you and Cameron had the castle to yourselves! You were on it for nearly 3 hours. You slept well that night!'
This is the second lo I've done for our disneyland album (only been 2 years, lol) All three show me or Mark holding Cameron. There were another 7 photos like these. In none of them were Cameron and the parent smiling at the same time. lol.

This photo looks a little shiney as theres a 12x12 transparency over the top of the lo. I love this picture as Marks got such a goofy loving smile while looking at the kids.

This was the first picture I took with my new camera at my grans house. One of the few times Cameron managed to say cheese without screwing his whole face up. lol
I'm really pleased with all these Los as they were all done with bits from my scrap boxes. :) Thanks for reading so far! Wont blab on as much tomorrow. lol


  1. What a fab post ... glad little one is on the mend ... there are some lovely lay outs there too!

  2. Some fab LO's Gemma, give your daughter a hug from me, hope she is much better now(bless her)

  3. Love the LO's - I should think you've been super busy, Good Luck with cleaning your craft area [I've got to pack mine away ready for a house move in two weeks but I just cant bring myself to do it ;)]
    And I'm glad to hear your little one is on the mend xxxx

  4. wow you have been busy, great pages. Good luck with the clean up its not much fun at the time but be great when you are done, you find tons of stuff you never knew you had/lost lol

  5. Lovely layouts Gemma. I have been inspired by peeps cleaning out their scrap rooms/areas and I have a HUGE task with mine but have been putting it off for far too long. I shall look forward to seeing your 'after' photo. TFS. ~Glen~

  6. Hi Gemma, good to see your craft space :) bless little caitlin pleased she's feeling better. Glad you enjoyed the crop even thru the 'minor' hiccup! lol x

  7. Gorgeous LOs. Glad your dd is feeling brighter.

  8. wow ... gorgeous layouts :)

    Hope little one is feeling better. And yup I'm with you ... scrapping, friends, tea and cakes - life doesn't get much better.


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