Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Why did I think this was a good idea?!

Well quite a quiet day today. Last night was quiet too. Mark went to his hospital appointment in Birmingham (goes every month for check up) but was running really late so late back. Kids were shattered after nursery so just sat watching tv. Doesnt Caitlin look so happy. lol Well while Mark was away and kids in bed I managed to get a couple of los done.

This was Caitlins first day at nursery school. The banner along the bottom reads 'from small beginnings come great things'

These are REALLY old photos. I caught both kits playing with the buttons on my computer so stood on a chair above them to take some photos. Cameron was oblivious but Caitlin caught me. lol. Also started a lo for the uks cc pre-crop challenge (wow thats a mouthful!) Had had a glass or two of wine by that point and decided to use every scrap I had leftover from a kit I had a while ago. So that should be an interesting one when finished!
Been a nice day today here to kids have been happy playing in the garden.
In my wisdom I decided now would be a good time to sort my old los. I used to have them all in post bound albums. But decided I prefered d ring. So I emptied all my albums, put the los in boses and bought a few d-ring albums. So today I sat down with the task of putting all my los into order and putting them in their new homes.
NOT an easy job. Watched 'The Hills' season two while I was doing it. My mum got me hooked, lol. Shes buying season 3 on friday so told her shes got to watch it over the weekend for me to borrow. :) Right, better get back to it. Im only up to Caitlin being born so still got another 2 years worth of los to sort!

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