Saturday, 10 April 2010

New habits. :)

Evening all. Not been about much as been busy sorting the garden/ironing/other fun stuff, lol.
Lats night my mum kindly had the kids so me and Mark could have some time to ourselves (wedding anniversery is tuesday) Was nice as we watched some films on normal volume and got a chinese. :) Not so nice was the fact we both woke up at 7 this morning and couldnt get back to sleep! lol. So Mark ended up finishing the garage while I cut the grass and rearranged the garden. Was a nice day all in all. :)
Tomorrow is my monthly crop and I'm very excited. :) I love sitting and scrapping without being interupted, tea, cakes and lunch cooked for you. what more could you want!
Anyway, onto the 'new habits'. At the start of the year I made my usual resolutions:
  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Spend less on stash
  3. lose weight!
  4. Work on the house.
  5. Do something different with scrapbooking

While I've stuck quite well to 1 (baking) and 4, the others have gone to pot a bit. Last month I spent nearly £300 on stash so at the start of the month I joined a social group on uks where everyone promises to buy no stash for a month. So far its hard but goign well. I'm quite enjoyign using up my scraps. :) Losing weight hasn't been too bad. I'm being more active and losing weight on my own, btu have decided I want to lose it quicker and have a more structured diet iykwim. So joining slimming world on monday :) Never joined a weight loss thing before so shoudl be interesting! As for doing something different, I vow to enter every competition and bombard magazine with my los untill they publish one. lol. Wish me luck with all that!


  1. I'm reading your post and having a chuckle to myself about geting up early when you dont have to - My little one stayed at my dad's last night which should have meant a solid nights sleep followed by a lovely lie in this morning, Instead I woke up 4 times through the night and was up at 7am [on a Sunday!!]
    Good luck with Slimming World [I'll be dong the same thing as soon as little one makes an arrival] and also with submitting your layouts. Enjoy your Sunday - Ju xx

  2. not long now love! You all ready? you must be getting excited/worried. lol. ohhhh i remember it well. :)


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