Saturday, 17 April 2010

The lollypop to end all lollypops!

Well we went out for a family picnic today and had an AMAZING time! I think it was because the weather was so good and we're just people who love being outside in the sun. Last summer we had meals outdoors more often than in, lol. Anyway, we packed a HUGE picnic (I tend to go ott on picnics, of which I had tuna pasta salad, yum, lol) covered kids and Mark in suncream, hats etc and headed to Wicksteed park! Kids were stupidly excited, even though we go there every sunday, lol. As soon as we got there they ran to the park and started climbing on everything. :) Caitlin driving the big wooden car.
Then on the swings. Caitlin also decided to give me a heart attack! I turned my back for two minutes and turned back to find her at the top of the biggest slide at the flaming park! I ran over trying to be all calm and laughing while reaching up to help her when really I was freaking out inside! She was fine of course. I think I'm being cursed with a daughter just like me so I know what I put my mother through.

They spent about 2 hours playing in this sand pit. :) Got Cameron a Thomas sant pit for his birthday so can't wait for him to get that.

I adore this photo of Caitlin picking flowers. An unusually girly moment for my tomboy of a daughter.

I do admit I shed a few tears today (I'm sad I know!) but seeing Mark playing with the kids, Caitlin was screaming with laughter and Cameron running alongside, was such a happy family moment. :) Its my mums fault she cries at everything too. lol
I also could have cried when we went on the train! Theres a big train that goes around the park and obviously in Camerons Thomas mad world it was called Thomas, so he was happily pointing the other trains out 'Theres Henry, theres Gordon!' Then he sees the guard 'And theres the fat controller!!' I could have died! The guy laughed about it but I don't think it helped he wasnt on the skinny side.

This is Cameron with his new best friend. Theres a big avery there and this little budgie kept flying over to him. Cameron was amazed. lol.
By this point the kids were getting a bit tired so we took them to the gift shop. Cameorn of course picked out a Thomas door name thingy costing £9. So i told Caitlin to pick anythign she wanted as she'd been too small to get on most of the rides she wanted and she'd been SUCH a good girl all day. You know what she picked, a £1.50 smiley face pin to go on a croc shoe. I showed her dolls, buggys, nope, she wanted this face. *sigh* Fair enough, lol. On the way out we went into the arcade. Caitlin saw a HUGE lollypop in a machine and wanted that. The aim of the game was to use the buttons to move these TINY little blades to cut this TINY little string to let the lolly fall. Anyone whos ever played these games know that they're nearly impossible, but I felt bad she hadn't got more at the shop so I gave it a go.......FIRST TIME!!!! I got it! Was stupidly excited, lol, you'd think I'd won the lottery, lol. But Caitlin was thrilled so yey. :)
Right so had enough of the park, lol. Came home and decided to get chips for Mark and the kids as I was too shattered to cook. Parked in front of the shop and I started to read a magazine while mark went in. Moments later I get a txt 'Love you, shes in your purse btw' i turn around to find Caitlin had got my pruse out of my bag, opened it, opened a second compartment where I had their nursery money and was posting £10 notes out the window!!!!! Luckily i gott hem all back but shes lucky that lolly wasnt used as a mallet, lol.
Right well thats my day, car boot tomorrow so hopefully some bargains!!!


  1. That is some lolly! looks fab! and sounds like a great day! can i come along next time???



  2. You got some great photos - sounds like you had a really lovely day.

  3. That posting £10 notes out of the window is so funny, but it could have been really bad, too!! At least you managed to rescue them all. Fab photos, Gemma. :)

  4. Can't help but laugh about the £10's, glad you got them all back. My DD would be so hyper even looking at a lolly like that never mind licking it :)


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