Monday, 12 April 2010

The diet started today!

Well day one of my diet today. :) Starting slimming world. Now I'm cheating a bit as I'm not going to the meetings but my mum (whos on it too) has got me all the books and bits I need so I'm following it the same. I did the same when I followed WW a few years back. Don't see the point paying £5 a week for someone to tell me I'm fat. I know that already! lol.
Also been busy gutting my craft corner. Getting a bit full at the moment. Plan to take photos once camera is charged. :)
Not much else to report after yesterdays big post. :) Mum came round again and played with kids in the garden which they loved.
Nursery for them tomorrow and hopefully going to see 'Remember me' with hubby. Been married 4 years tomorrow. :) Right, better run and get Caitlin off to bed. Night all!


  1. I don't call it cheating at all :) .. my hubby is doing ww but not going to the meetings - just using the points system and recording everything he's eating. And I'm just cooking in a slightly different way. So I hope you feel full of confidence, as my hubby has so far lost 36lbs doing it this way. Wishing you well and I'm looking forward to hearing your progress. Good luck x

  2. ooh good luck with the diet, good look with the tidying, you will have to let me know what the films like, we are gonna see Whit it tomo, been waiting for ages for it to come out lol


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