Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Well, didn't go too well. lol

Well i got up this morning with a well laid out plan...... that promptly went to hell. lol. Had to go up town and get Camerons hair cut and Caitlin a new coat. First kids had a lie in, which would be great if it didnt make us late. Then I needed to lie down for a while anyway as had spent the night in bed with my son as he was having nightmares (messed up my back) Finally get up town to find the hairdressers closed. Went to get Caitlins coat, shop full of screaming children and angry ,others shouting so promtly walked out and went to my mums for a cup of tea. lol. Oh well, kids had a good time playing and can always try again tomorrow. :)

Finally remembered to take a photo of my desk. :) which is still clean as not used it. lol.

Planning on scrapping later though, so wont stay this way. lol
Also decided that to spur me on on my diet I will post my progress here and shame myself into sticking with it! Well weighed myself on monday and I'm currently..........13 st 4lb! Shamefull! Aim is 10st 7lb so long way to go! Nothing yummy for me for a while. :(
Speaking of yummy, went to see remember me yesterday. Have to say really enjoyed it! Took a while to get going and its def not one for people who like the more 'well behaved' Robert in twilight, but a brill film I thought. One warning though, take your tissues! I was told this before I went and thought 'oh cant be that bad' then bawled my eyes out along with all the other girls in the cinima. Poor Mark was the only male there! lol.


  1. Sorry to hear your day didn't go so well! Hope tomorrow is better. :D I love your little crafting corner - looks so neat! LOL

  2. Bless ya, i always have days like that lol *sigh* remember me, I loved it, and I warned you you'd need your tissues lol x

  3. I'm a big fan of theres always tomorrow LOL. And, no big problem, the kids had a good day by the sound of it :) Good luck with the diet ... you can do it, no problem xx

  4. Like I said to Lisa, if you buy the DVD once it is out you can just watch it till a certain point and miss out the extra sad bits! I loved it, especially the misbehaving Robert Pattinson! ;)
    Love your crafting desk, you can't see any surfaces in mine at the moment! Hope you are having a better day today.


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