Monday, 19 April 2010

My mascot :)

Have to show you this. Its the uks cyber crop this weekend and I'm in a few swaps (chocolate swap, stash swap and mascot swap) I got my adorable little mascot this morning from my friend Lisa (well her husband but lisa made it, lol) I did plan on taking a photograph but the second I put it down a little hand grabbed it and ran off. She will now NOT give it back so this is the best I can do! Its a cute little bunny with a bowler hat and ball and chain around its leg. It had a heart on his tummy which flashes and plays music if you press it's paw. Which my poor hubby has already done countless times today. lol. Thanks Lisa and Alun, you've made a little girl very happy (and since she's quiet, her mummys happy too!!)

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  1. Oh bless her, glad we've made someone's day today and tell Mark to keep pressing the paw!

    Lisa xxx


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