Thursday, 8 April 2010


Well what a lovely day today! Sun shining, blue sky, was great. Went back and forth to the post office a few times as had a few swaps on uks to do. All up to date with those now and hoping to do my CJ toinight. But the weather was so nice decided to take the kids round to my mums for a bit so they could play in the garden. I swear Cameron didn't stop talking form the moment we left untill we got there! 'Whats that mummy? Whats he saying mummy? look theres a bird mummy!' Was so sweet to hear him so excited. lol.
Finally managed to photograph the Lo's I did the other day. two dont have titles yet as tbh I havent thought of any! I'm really unimaginative when it comes to titles so any help would be great. lol.
One of the many los I have of them sleeping. lol. I suppose they did it so rarely I liked to photograph to prove it happened!

Cameron decided to put one of my ribbons around his dummy, I still dont know why.
This one does have a title, lol. Been meaning to scrap these photos for ages. Was when caitlin was only 5 months old, I found a playcenter toy at a car boot that was low enough for her to use while in her bumbo. Best £1 I ever spent! Cameron was NOT allowed to touch it bless him.
Well hubbys out tonight (good tv for me night :) ) Then tomorrow mums havign the kids at her house as its our wedding anniversery on tuesday. We were going to go out to dinner and all that but as the cars broke we're getting a chinese and dvd instead. Yey :)

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  1. Sometimes it's a better way to celebrate at home, comfy and cozy - plus hey, takeout ... can't be bad :)

    Love your layouts, I'm rubbish with titles too, I must admit - and sometimes I wonder if they ever really need them?

    I do like the sleeping one though, it made me giggle .. so you could use something like "Peace at Last" or "Sleeping Beauties"

    Have a lovely weekend :)


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