Sunday, 25 July 2010

Best laid plans and all that....

What is it they always say about best laid plans? lol. Well this post i actually started on friday, lol, then been busy since so havent had the chance to finish. So friday morning got off to a good start. Got up with the kids, tidied up a bit, fished all Caitlins toys out of the paddling pool (which was then emptied) Then it all went wrong, lol. Started to feel really tired to went to lie down, planning to do all the other jobs upon waking. Woke up to the room spinning. lol.
Now my Mum often gets bouts of vertigo but I'd never had it before, couldnt belive how ill I felt so quick! lay down again for a while longer and felt better when I woke up but didnt really get anything else done that day. Then Saturday we went to twin lakes with my neices for my neice Mollies birthday. but more on that tomorrow when I upload photos. lol.
For now I'll shwo you this. We put Caitlin to bed the other night and heard her playing about. Fair enough as she often plays with her dolls for a bit before putting herself to bed. However when i checked on her a little while later I found this!

Little begger has pulled off bits of her wallpaper at different points around the room. Was just a bit livid. lol. We only finished doing it a few months ago and certainly can't afford to do it again so soon. So going to have to paint it I think.
Also been working a lot with this months Sarahs cards kit. Have done more than this but this is the only one photographed so far. Lo is of hubby and me on our wedding day. Title is first wedding as we did have a big wedding planned, then he fell very sick so we pulled it forward as were told he might not survive the week. However he obviously did so we had a big wedding blessing later on in time. So this was our first wedding. :)


  1. Gorgeous layout xxx and she is still a cutie even tho she did what she did xxx

  2. Gorgeous layout and glad you got your big day eventually.


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