Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Today has lasted about 3 weeks!

OMG today has dragged! I'm quite pleased with how much I've managed to get done, done a load of batch baking for the freezer, cleared out the kitchen cupboards, made some salt dough, phone calls etc. couldn't believe it when I went to start dinner and it was only 3pm! Decided to blog some of the recipes I used today to post when I've had a dull day. Not sure if anyone uses them but fills a page! lol.
Kids are playing with salt dough at the moment so they're quiet, Caitlin's making Barney (as usual) while Cameron's making Tidmouth sheds and all the engines. Always has to go a step further, lol. He seems to have turned into a teenager overnight. Caitlin was born a teenager really, but now Cameron's developed into a little know it all. I thought I had a few more years before I went from 'loved and adored Mummy who knows everything' to 'Silly old woman who should be looked at with scorn at every opportunity' Obviously not. This morning for example I've been told off three times. Once when Caitlin fell down and hit her head on the table, I told the table off for hurting her (mums of toddlers will be nodding right now I'll bet, lol) Cameron said 'Don't be silly Mummy, the table can't move, Caitlin hit the table, tell HER off!' Then when he put Caitlin's shoes on I told him to take them off as his feet were too big. 'No Mummy my feet are the right size, the shoes are too small!' Can't argue there. Then finally when I gave him one of the cheese scones I baked. He ate all but one bite then came up to me:
Cameron - I don't like this one, I need another one.
Me - No Cameron you've eaten it all you obviously like it.
Cameron - (thrusting the leftover bite at me) No mummy LOOK, I didn't eat it ALL theres a bit left.
Me - Well they all taste the same if you don't like that one you won't like this one.
Cameron - No Mummy they're not the same, this one is in my hand, that one is in the tin!
How am I supposed to argue with that! Apparently hes the same with his Nanny. She was watching a sad film with him and started to cry, he asked why she was crying, he said the tv was sad. He promptly went over and turned the tv off. Made sense I suppose. lol

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  1. It is so good that you're blogging all these sayings - they're so funny! Will come in very handy on a scrapbook page soon. :)


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