Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Well after a looooooooong night, where Caitlin didn't go to bed till gone one, got up this morning and went to my sisters. Had lots of baby cuddles, Lillies got that proper baby smell now, so sweet! Forgot my camera so no pictures but will take more soon. :) When we came back Cameron was bored so decided to make a 'big face Thomas' he'd seen in one of his magazines. So him and daddy set about crafting. :) It turned out well and Cameron was SO proud! its now stuck on his door and he wants to make a James one tomorrow. lol

Doing ok with the clearing out, sold my glider chair. :( Gutted as have so many memories of rocking the kids to sleep in it when they were babies. But theres just no room for it at all. Going to get something nice with the money though, make it worthwhile iykwim.
Anyway, besides cleaning I've managed to do some scrapping tonight. :) did start this lo a few days ago but set ti to one side and forgot about ti so thought I'd finish it off. Also on the desk are Marks nik-nacs (well it is his desk, lol) and a birthday card my friend Amanda sent me. :)

Going to Cheeky Monkeys with the kids tomorrow to meet up with an old work friend so looking forward to that. Then friday is my birthday! So only 2 days left for anyone to enter my blog candy. :)


  1. your desk looks very interesting there :)

  2. Aww bless him - he obviously has your creative genes.


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