Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bit happier today. :)

Well a bit of a better day today. I think I always feel better when I fell like I've done something with my day. Granted today it was just a huge pile of ironing but it was something. lol. Mark was also a star doing a load of the general housework while I was ironing. Kids were brill today. Caitlin lay in till gone 9 as had a restless night. Think it was my fault a bit as me and Mark were watching a comedy in the bedroom (next door to her room) and I was laughing. Well she got out of bed, came to the door, shh'd me! and shut her door and went back to bed! What a little madam!!! lol. Well at 2:15 she came into our bed and did her usual starfish move. So I admit I abandoned Mark to his fate and went into Caitlins bed instead. lol. Shes been full of energy today though, dressing up and dancing to the wiggles. How cute is this face!

We got this dress at a car boot sale a while back. Its a bridesmaids dress but a few sequins and beads have come off so its not good enough to wear out, but at £1 thought it'd be ideal for her to dress up in and she LOVES it. She loves swishing the skirt round while she dances. Which I admit worries me a bit as she reminds me so much of my sister! lol.
Another job we've done today is start to sort out our computer game collection. Before I had Cameron we used to run a stall at car boot sales selling retro consoles and games. It was a brill hobby and made a bit of money for treats and the like, but obviously with a newborn getting up at 5am and sitting at a market all morning was less than appealing. We did sell off about 12 boxes at the time but kept a vast amount of rare ones or personal favourites. Which was fine at the time as our old house was huge. here, not so much. lol. Theres 6 boxes stuffed in the wardrobe and another 28 in the garage, so, some have got to go!

So tonight we're gonna start on the megadrive games. Play through a load and decide if they're worth holding onto. Wish us luck! lol


  1. Aww bless her she looks like a lil princess xx I had a Megadrive loved it, think my brother has got it now xx


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