Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cannot belive its Tuesday!

I cannot belive its Tuesday already! The days are flying past at the moment but I don't seem to be getting anything done! We're trying to have a spring clean at the moment as the house is getting very cluttered with the kids vast amount of stuff and our various hobbies. But as the house is so tiny by the time one room is sorted the others looks like a bombs gone off so you work on them then you're back to square one. lol. Also banning the sandpit and paddling pool for a bit, you should see my floors and windows!!! Wet sand smeared everywhere. Anyway, happier subjects. :)
Kids had nursery this morning and it tired them out as usual so I had a bit of free time to sort some of my los which still need albums (all 7 pizza boxes worth!) Caitlin fell fast asleep cuddled up with daddy.

While Cameorn looked at his new book nursery gave him. :) I've mentioned before how nice they all are, last week they sorted out lots of old books and came across and old Thomas album so kept it for Cam. he was thrilled and felt very special. :)

Talking about feeling special I recived a parcel this morning form a fellow Twilight addict Amanda. :) I was swappign some mini AC albums with her for some of her stash and this is some of what she sent me

LOVE those chipboard shapes. :) But also in the box was this for my birthday!

HOW pretty is that!? I admit I'm not a braclet person usually but been walking around all day janging it. lol.
Also managed a few los over the past couple of days. have done more but will save them for tomorrow. :) This was when Cameron first met Bob at Butlins. He was quite intimidated by how big they were. lol.

This is Caitlin fast asleep with her Barney teddy. It was the first barney toy we bought her and it's still her fave. Infact shes cuddled up on the couch with it right now. lol

This photo is of Cameron at butlins last year. And I think he looks SO much like Jamie Oliver here, lol.

See? lol

Im pretty sure this is a good thing as jamies not a bad looking guy now. :) Plus Hubby loves his work so maybe hes trying to model cam after him. lol
Right better go do some last minute cleaning. Off to sisters tomorrow, been a whole week since I saw the baba!!! Night all. :)


  1. Aww how cute is the picture of Caitlin and her daddy!! Nice pressies I like it when you get surprises in the post you lucky lady xx

  2. Such a sweet photo, I miss that age where they still had naps and you could get some things done while they slept! Fab bracelet and lovely layouts and Cameron does look like Jamie! Well you will just have to have him baking with you and maybe he will be rich and famous when he is big ;)


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