Tuesday, 13 July 2010

hungry day!

Well I woke up this morning STARVING! It's been the first time I've wanted food since thursday because of this bug so had a bowl of bran flakes and didnt feel sick after woohoo! So been to the range and got some bits and now going to go get the kiddies from nursery and see what Grannys been baking. :) But thoguht I'd show you this first. :)
While in one of my faves shops recently I saw a photo frame for the wall. It was basically lots of photo frames conected in a haphazzard way. While it looked good, i didn't think it was worth the £65 price tag! So decided to try and do my own. :)
1 - First pick some cardstock you want to use. Use different colours to add variety. Ive used 3 colours as I've picked 12 photos, so 4 photos for each colour. Use good quality cardstock as the thinner type will bend easier so is harder to use.
2- Pick your photos. Can be as many as you like. :)

3 - Work out how much of the photo you want on show and measure it. For example on this photo I wanted 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches shown.

4 - Add on and inch each side for the frame (so I would need 5in by 5 1/2 in) and measure this onto a piece of cardstock.

5 - Cut out.
6 - Measure the frame you will need. One inch from each side.

7 - Cut out.

8 - Mount photo onto the back so the image shows as you want.

9 - Repeat this for all the photos you want to use.
10 - Once all photos are 'framed' position them where you would like them to be. (You could just stick them onto the wall one by one but I found it easier to do this way.) Once you are happy with the positions, stick together.

11 - Once photos are all stuck together, embellish as you wish. :)

12 - Attach to wall using double sided tape. (low tack if you have wallpaper)


  1. Well done Gemma! That's very clever and it looks great too!

  2. I love it when I see something with a horrendous price tag and know I can do something similar for a couple of pounds!!

  3. I love the way you've seen something you like and gone straight home and made your own! Fabulous!


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